About us

My Story

I grew up surrounded with sewing machines, patterns, material and my grandmother's customers. Well, both my grandmothers were seamstresses. So, I started making clothes for my dolls when I was a kid. My grandmother allowed me to use her Singer even though it was the only machine she had to make her living. And till now I am very grateful to her for giving me this opportunity to fall in love with sewing. I made the 1-st real thing for myself from scratch when I was 12. It was a skirt made from my mom's scarf and which my older sister beg for. So, she became my 1-st customer. Then it was my mom, my girlfriends, my aunts and other members of family and their friends. Later even some my grandmother's customers became mine because I was younger and modern.

My customers say that they love to wear what I make for them because I put my heart and soul into that. And that is true. I love what I do and seeing a smile on my clients' faces makes me really happy. 

I worked with a few fashion designers. One of them was a famous designer Pat McDonagh. I was in her team for making a new collection for a fashion show and it was unforgettable experience.  After a few years of work in sewing business in  high end clothing stores in Toronto I decided to open my own sewing shop and grow up my business.  

I believe both my grandmothers are looking proudly at me from the other world.